Find out what you really want and how you can achieve it.

For many, the lack of performance is a reason that they can not realize their dreams and goals.

Wishes are just something for Christmas

What many lacks is the ability to define, clarify and think through a goal. Let it penetrate into your consciousness and your subconscious. Many remain only in their desires, rather than set clear goals. Whenever you think or say: “I wish….” or” I want….- replace it in ” I want…”! But don’t stop there! Understand why you want to achieve this or that. You can read more about it in Blog number 5: ‘Find out what you really want and how you can achieve it.’ In the Blog, we focus on how to implement something.

Build on your strengths-or: why it is ineffective to eliminate weaknesses

‘See yourself’ is the Central message. Far too many people are trying to fix their weaknesses. This is ineffective. Rather, they should use their strengths and at the same time find a way to avoid the weaknesses. They want to build a retail chain and know that they can deal well with customers, but maybe not so well with numbers. Because, you know, find someone – a friend, a former colleague, for example – are particularly good in dealing with numbers and Excel tables. You delegate the task of creating reports to the selected Person. She gives it back to you and helps you through the sales tasks. Your friend or Ex-colleague will be highly motivated because it’s his thing. The weaknesses of the management are thus replaced by delegation, and the overall result becomes much more bes-ser. To say it with Peter Drucker: establish your plans according to your Strengths and forget your weaknesses. These are managed-then they become irrelevant.

Sometimes detours also lead to the target

If you have problems defining your goals, it is sometimes advisable to take a detour. Try to remember what you want to avoid. Peel it out like an onion. And the core that remains will be what you want. Try to imagine your goal: what will it look like? How does it feel to reach a goal? What is your reward? For creative minds, it sometimes helps to record something. Paint yourself a picture of how your goal might be. Then make it concrete. What Material, what Support do you need? You highlight the most important steps to get there – these are your milestones. Then go back to detailed questions. You can find more details in point 4 “become more effective and implement your plans.”

You have all the time in the world

Especially if your goal requires longer efforts, you will need to manage your project. Many tasks are interdependent. In this situation, it is particularly important not to look at the time, but at the focal points. Don’t think about how you can do a task as quickly as possible, but ask yourself: What are the main steps, the milestones I need to reach something, so my project is successfully completed? How can I implement this?

Seeing is not Believing

Don’t be disappointed when many people you’re dealing with aren’t immediately excited about your plans. Better be very aware of who you share your thoughts and ideas with. Why? Very simple: How can others know what is going on in you? If you share your Pro-Ject plans, your objectives, your ideas to all, how can this Ih-re share passion?

You are not stuck in your shoes-always remember! I say this because, more often than you will like, many people ask for evidence. You will ask for results you have already achieved, for something you can see, even virtual. Some magazines suggest, for example, if you want to go abroad, you should first look at who has gained what experience and then make your decisions. What nonsense! Ask yourself seriously if your goal is worth all the efforts. If you believe in it, you will achieve it. Write it down. And then go through it again, review your notes again, and remember why you do it and why you can reach it. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who?

I will go into this in more detail in the following Blogs. If you are interested, please register with our leadership skills training series.

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