Do you know that? They are looking for candidates for an urgent position and finally have a number of CVS ahead of them. Now they invite a number of candidates and conduct Interviews. What you get to hear it all: year-long project experience, successful in communication and management, expert in process optimization, successful introduction of new technologies. They set up the found Star and look forward to things going on at last.

After a few weeks, they find that nothing is moving. As a follow-up, make sure that your new Manager has either not properly understood the requirements or does not dare to reveal that he is not up to you. And then she comes back, the Gretchen question: why in God’s name has he / she not packed it so far? He / she is an expert, but that all came out already in the interview? For some it is a bitter truth, or knowledge, that football player German – the truth is on the pitch. It is not possible to “discuss”whether someone is able to cope with the tasks assigned to him.

The most beautiful description of the candidate during the interview, how he has pushed the last project to introduce a new technology, has to prove itself in practice. This is why it is important, in so-called Management Coaching, to focus on those types of behaviour that can actually be observed or whose results can be clearly identified.

In contrast, unfortunately, the company is often called Labelling. Statements such as: “he is always so slow”, ” Why does he always talk only and does not finally implement it?”and the like only lead to someone being titulated and receiving a Label – unfortunately often not a particularly positive. And this should motivate then.

Jens Möller’s Tips for successful assessment of professionals and managers in recruitment discussions:
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  • when assessing professionals and managers, always try to criticize only the behavior and not the Person.
  • apply only to behaviors that you can actually observe or from which you can clearly conclude on results.
  • from there, try to beat out the bow to the original CV: talk to your potential new employee about which of the experiences he has been able to implement so far and where there are still blockades. Ask him/her – how to support him / her.
  • Then the resume was certainly not for the garbage. Good Luck!

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