Any organization that is not working to its full potential is in the danger of complete failure. The health of any profitable organization is dependent on it workforce and an organisational development consultant is an independent contractor who enters an organization and starts making it profitable, in other words, he starts developing the workforce to make the company a profit yielding organization.

Duties performed by the OD consultant

An OD consultant is a person called by the management of the company, be it a huge multi-national company or a small business, to evaluate the working style and to recommend changes which will be effective in making the company much bigger and more profitable for a longer term. The normal practice of hiring an OD consultant by companies is when the company starts its journey downhill or the symptoms of the journey downhill become too obvious. Although the consultants have always advised to hire them before its too late, but still the companies forget the consultants when they are in the happy phase.

Since consultants are highly qualified and experienced business professionals, their role cannot be challenged and they have an excellent reputation for bringing business back on track. They are notable for providing valuable services in managing a business which cannot be termed as a failure but is still struggling to expand, achieve its goal and no longer be the small business. While every business is different than the other, the consultant has to devise a different strategy for every business he is responsible to consult. Devising a new strategy is a combination of many different observations and aspects.

Organizational Assessment

Through careful observation, research, conducting interviews, a consultant analyzes the culture of the corporation. By doing so, the consultant gets the picture if the company is working fine and every department that functions within is in perfect collaboration with the other. Since the company is like a machine in which every component works in collaboration with the other, similarly an organization needs every department to work smoothly without being in conflict with the other.

Change Management

Changing management never means that it can be done only by changing personnel. Firing or shifting staff is never the answer to a problem but the cure lies within the system. It is the way people work and handle matters which needs to be changed when it is not effective and creates problems. The organisational development consultant makes sure he changes the system of the company for the better.

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