Top 5 JMC Training Benefits
Performance depends on training. This is true for individuals as well as teams.
And, because we have learnt what companies want out of training,
JMC workshops and seminars offer five standout benefits:

  • 1. Cherry pick your training format

  • 2. Active training style for high impact

  • 3. Immediate value for client flexibility

  • 4. Practical take-aways for long-term retention

  • 5. Ready-made seminars available for 24 key topics

BENEFIT 1: Cherry pick your training format

JMC can structure your training exactly as you prefer.


In terms of material:
JMC will develop a custom package taking in precisely what areas of Sales, Service and Management/Leadership enhancement your staff need. In addition, we present


In terms of format:
All topics are offered as group training sessions, followed by group coaching – if you wish – as well as one-on-one coaching. [link here to coaching page] The more training formats employed, the more embedded the improved performance – that’s our experience.

JMC has extensive experience in “White Labelling”. We are happy to offer all seminars under the umbrella of your training department, training staff or academy.

All of the topics are also available as online courses which can be conducted alone, or as part of group/one-to-one webinar sessions.



BENEFIT 2: Active training style for high impact

JMC training is based on getting participants actively involved to a very high degree.

This requires the participants to actively think and organise themselves. And, as a result, the available potential knowledge within the entire group is mobilised. This is a matter of efficiency – and, of course, morale. An energetic and focused learning experience works for everybody.

Also, to embed the learning experience, the JMC facilitator will always be motivating the participants to exchange knowledge. (Exchanging knowledge locks it in the memory.)

BENEFIT 3: Immediate value for client flexibility

Clients like to stay flexible; to chop and change as they see fit. That’s good business. And here at JMC we help to keep our clients’ options open.

At your very first session with JMC, we will set you up with a training strategy and executional roadmap. Thus we offer an immediate ‘download’ for you to use as you wish. Your company can proceed alone – or, as is usual, we continue to work together in developing and implementing the plan of action.

BENEFIT 4: Practical take-aways for long-term retention

‘People aren’t interested in theory – particularly angry customers! To get staff working well with customers (and other team members), you need to get past ‘theory’  – and get right to what works.’ (Jens Moeller, JMC founder)

Every single JMC seminar is conceived with specific learning achievements for participants, as well as practical steps they can implement immediately. As soon as they have been introduced to a new method, participants will be getting stuck in practising it.

This beds the training in immediately which embeds, in turn, client ROI. Participants go back into the working world knowing full well how to put the training into action – because part of the training was to practise doing so.



BENEFIT 5: Ready-made seminars available for 24 key topics
in Sales, Customer Service, and Management / Leadership

JMC can deliver your training in a custom package. Or you can pick individual seminars off the shelf:


  • Personal Sales, Client Retention and Customer Recovery
  • Presentation techniques in Sales
  • Negotiation techniques and discussions with regards to discounts
  • Telesales/Telephone Sales/Outbound Telephone Marketing
  • Inbound Telephone Marketing/Cross- and Upselling
  • Customer Recovery – by Phone
  • Sales Support (Appointment and After-Sales Support)


Customer Service

  • Customer Inbound Telephony
  • Collections – Customer-specific
  • Processing of complaints


Management and Leadership

  • Management & Leadership
  • Integrated Company Succession
  • Successful Company Takeover
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Leadership of Virtual Teams
  • Conflict Management
  • Employee Motivation
  • Process Training
  • Team Leader/Supervisor Qualifications
  • Team Training
  • Self-Management/Time Management
  • Executive Coaching/Management Coaching
  • Gain the upper hand with proper English language
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