1.What is Organizational Development?

Functioning Organizational structures and processes are critical success factors for every company. You as someone with managerial responsibility play a decisive role in this. You form teams with team representatives or team leaders and you assign them to certain supervisors. You develop processes and thus determine the workflow required to deal with an information request or a claim, for example. But structures and processes alone are not enough to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. This requires that your employees accept them. Securing this acceptance is the decisive difference between Organizational development and classical Organizational design. Only with Organizational development will your employees support and actively implement Organizational measures every day.

2. What is Organizational Development good for?

organization is your company’s framework and the backbone of your staff If the structures and processes in your organization work well, everyone knows where their responsibility ends and that of someone else begins. Everyone knows with whom they work together and how to support each other. Everyone knows with whom to coordinate in what cases.

In this information age with its increasing competition and cost pressure and the constantly changing requirements, nothing is more consistent than change. Both the structures and the work processes of companies have to be adapted to new conditions continuously. The integration of the internet in the internal processes of the business may, for example, require new work methods or processes or a new composition of the teams.

Whenever you change something within your organization, you influence people – either directly or indirectly. You influence tasks and responsibilities, possibly even positions and whole careers. Now it is important that your employees accept the new structures and processes Because only in that case will they accept the new framework instead of ignoring or obstructing it. Only then the goals will be attained which you wanted to reach with your Organizational measures.

In brief: your organization does not adapt by itself – it must not only be shaped and changed, but it also has to be developed.

3. What does Organizational Development consist of?

The content of Organizational development can be divided into the issues of Organizational structuring and process organization.

4. What is important when implementing Organizational Development?

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