1.What is organizational development?

– Functioning organizational structures and processes are among the critical success factors of each company. You, as someone, played a decisive role in this.Seven-child teams of co-troops or teamleaders, and order them to be presupposed.You develop processes and determine the workflow that is required, umz.B. to process an information request or a claim.But structures and processes alone are not sufficient to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. This requires that your employees accept it. Ensuring this acceptance by employees is the crucial difference between organizational development and traditional organizational design. Only with organizational development will you get your employees to actively participate in and support the implementation of organizational measures on a daily basis.

2.What is Organizational Development good for?

It is the framework of your company and your staff’s commitment to the backbone.When the structures and processes of your Organisationgood work, everyone knows how to put an end to their responsibilities, and how to change them. Everyone knows who he works with, and how they support each other. Everyone knows who he has to coordinate things with when.In this information age, with increasing competitive andcost pressure and constantly changing demands, there is nothing more permanent than change.Both the structures and the work processes of the Companyshave to be adapted constantly to the new conditions.The integration of the internalprocess of the enterprise can be used, for example, to require new working methods or procedures, or to require a new composition.If you change something in your business, people-either directly or indirectly. They have influence on tasks and responsibilities, possibly even on Positionsand complete careers.It is important that your employees accept the new structures and processes.Because only in this case will they accept newframework, instead of ignoring it or hindering it.Only then will they reach the goals that they want to dowith their organizational policies.In short,your business doesn’t adapt change by itself-it doesn’t have to be shaped and modified, but it needs to be developed.

3.What is Organisational Development made of?

Organizational development can be divided into topics of organizational structuring and process Organization.

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