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Jens himself is a member of the prestigious Deutscher Fachjournalisten Verband (German Association of Specialised Journalists). This professional association and service provider hosts a number of journalistic experts in their fields, and is the only body of journalists in Germany to be certified in effective quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and DGVM ZERT.

Hire Jens as a speaker

Jens is widely complimented for his friendly and engaging style – as well as for delivering material that is accessible as well as challenging. As a professional coach, developing trust and enthusiasm is natural for Jens. He will engage with your guests, deliver exciting new perspectives on their personal and professional challenges, and further ensure that every listener leaves with a take-away of practical tips.


Jens is a regular speaker on the corporate circuit. Amongst others, he has spoken at the invitation of leading Californian growth consultants Frost and Sullivan as well as German training and coaching providers Management Circle.

What topics does Jens cover?

With over two decades experience, and over 100 significant client engagements, Jens speaks on how organisations and individuals can isolate and achieve their goals. Hot topics offered in the light of coronavirus are virtual/hybrid working and digitisation. Otherwise, just ask Jens to speak on any aspect of Sales, Customer Service and Management/Leadership.

Here are some sample topics that Jens covers:


Covid-19: How to manage staff virtually


How do I get my team to work well from home? Thanks to coronavirus, that’s the big question facing team leaders in all companies. And the question facing senior management is: how do I train my team leaders to manage home workers in this new virtual/hybrid workplace? For many companies, digitisation has been the central challenge of change management over the last decade – and now that challenge has been rudely accelerated by Covid-19. JMC offers solutions for virtual/hybrid working based on decades of experience in implementing digitisation. We also have had the opportunity to develop strategies live – with real teams, right now, as we all face the coronavirus future.


Motivation as the key to new thinking and acting.

The most complex factor in the success of your business? Individual motivation. Without it, you face high staff turnover, errors and customer churn. But how do you support individual motivation through your recruitment, technology and general working processes? How do you structure your HR and organisational development to ground motivation? Jens shows how to bring it altogether to embed enthusiasm at grass roots.


Improve the performance of your team through effective leadership.

The one thing you can change immediately about your team is yourself. But what do you need to change? If you step up as a leader, the sky is the limit for your team performance. And, faced by the new challenge of virtual/hybrid working, team leaders need to get on point and get a grip! So focus on 3 areas of leadership. Make sure you know your team. Make sure your team trusts you. Make sure you communicate effectively, online and in person. Jens digs deep into group dynamics.


How can I improve the performance of my department?


You can restructure your department – but how do you crack the full potential of all staff members working together successfully? Whatever your specific challenges as a team, make sure your enthusiasm to achieve your KPIs does not choke your efficiency with conflicting deadlines. Are you sure, as a department, that you know what you want? And are you sure your KPIs are serving you? Jens shows the startling results to be had by taking a few simple steps in the right direction.


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