The larger an organization becomes, the more internal problems are placed in front of the external focus on customers and stakeholders. Or in other words, large organizations often lose sight of the” performance in the eyes of the customer ” as they focus too much on their inner problems. One of our most important tasks as an entrepreneur and Top managers must be the brains in our companies, as far as possible on”customer focus mode”. For some, this is still a long way away. Let me give you an example.

Recently I was in contact with a provider of telephone broadband and TV services. I had ordered a package and made it clear from the beginning that an early installation date would be decisive for me. When talking to a sales representative, I learned that all providers used the same installation company, which surprised me very much. No one could tell me the exact installation date and you could be sure of My, because I had no choice, because all providers used the same Service.

Then I received a text message that promised an Installation, but did not contain an exact date, contact address or other contact details. A few days later, I decided to go to the bottom of it. After the usual waiting time in a telephone loop, I finally got someone to talk to, but could not give me more detailed information, except that an Installation would be logged in to the System. A week later I received a text message with an appointment-of course without asking if it would be OK for me. Since I knew that I would not reach anyone anyway, I was happy with this appointment.

I originally asked the sales representative to book a full Installation including Broadband setup. However, when the installer finally arrived, he informed me that he was only responsible for connecting to the network, but not for setting the broad band. My customer needs were not fulfilled and I had to call the provider again to cancel the Installation, for which I had paid for as part of my installation Service package already, which I had to explain everything again to a new employee.

What do we learn from this little story? There are many intersections where problems may arise when multiple customer service departments work together. The sales representative does not have access to the installation company’s data and therefore cannot help or respond to customers. The installer works for a company that holds the market monopoly, which he does not exactly customer-oriented-he does not have to.

Telecommunications providers are usually always worried about high customer migration rates and customer loyalty. Nevertheless, it often seems more important to reduce operating costs, while service quality and customer orientation appear somewhere at the bottom of the list. It is truly surprising that in the highly competitive telecommunications sector, no one has ever thought of expanding this deficit as a unique selling point and outshine its competitors through excellent customer service.

I’m sure there are many people who could tell similar stories. I know at least from friends, colleagues and customers that they have experienced the same thing. So here the question arises: How do you assess the organizational performance? Who is responsible? And above all: how could this happen? In order to solve such complex problems, it is necessary to have leaders and managers who have clear objectives, who can draw up key indicators and present a precise Plan of how these objectives can be achieved. They must then also be able to align their reports and strategies with the staff and ensure that the strategies are actually implemented. The final implementation is often still the most difficult task of all.

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