How often do advertising posters on the street, television advertising, newspaper advertising promise us that the friendly employees of the advertised company” now immediately ” waiting for our call. How frustrating it is when we have to fight through endless queues and choice options – ” please choose one if you are a new customer!”- to be greeted at the end by a tired rumbled name, which is hard to understand because of the many side sounds.

Customer communication is full of promises: new offers, new suggestions, new approaches, which are better than what the competition offers. However, when the time of truth comes and really interested customers call us, they are very quickly returned to the bottom of the facts.

This applies not only to telephone calls. How many times have you thought of writing an Email and then refraining it because you thought it would take forever for you to get an answer and probably reach something faster in another way. How often did you not write to a company because you had to enter almost your entire life story in order to submit a request form? How often have you resigned, because you simply do not find what you are looking for on the menu bar of the website, since you are not an Internet expert.

Nowadays, it is more important than ever to ask yourself which way our customers can find us. And when they finally find us, we must hold them and encourage them to buy our products or services. It is not enough to thank you for the call and to represent customers that the Service will soon be “live-switched” and you will be notified when it is ready. (Just remember the last time you applied for a new phone line!)

“When is the line unlocked? When do I have to sacrifice one of my valuable holidays? Do I have to take a half or maybe even a whole day off?” Here, it is extremely important from the company that the internal processes work and promises can be kept. Customers are not satisfied by the fact that “all telephone providers rely on the same installation company”.

You will receive a first notice when you take your time in the Call Center to ask your employees what customers are saying. It’s not about perfection, it’s about “moving forward”. Do not try to work out a perfect Plan – this is about quick action: what are the main points and how can they be fixed quickly and consistently. Often it is better to quickly improve things in small steps than to initiate a huge change, which costs time. With small steps, you are more likely to achieve results, increase internal attention and get better support to get to your destination faster than expected.

Organize a working group that looks at the most frequently mentioned customer problems and finds workable solutions, which in turn needs to be communicated. Set up an internal focus group to verify that the many promotional promises are consistent with the services provided. Do you have the size to ignore the “excellent service reviews” in surveys-don’t forget that many customers who take part in a survey probably don’t remember when they last contacted your company. How are you going to assess your Service? It’s not hard to put things into practice. You just have to do it – and that often presupposes a change of mind.

Are you ready?

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