Operational style and methods of the businesses today are completely different from the past. The huge change which has made the old methods completely obsolete is the internet and the digital media which has enabled companies to market their products all over the globe at the same time. Hence the marketing became stronger and this created a great increase in the competition among companies dealing in the same or similar products worldwide. Fighting such a huge competition is not an easy task and the most effective strategy is, to ensure that the company is strong from the inside. The leaders of every company are needed to be highly efficient and make decisions in the shortest time which will have a great impact on the positive side.

The business trends change rapidly and as the trends change, a change in the leadership style also becomes evident. When the company feels it needs a change in the leadership style, they apply for executive coaching which is undeniably the best way to bring the change smoothly and effectively. Coaching takes the skills of the leaders to a whole new level, or lest say that it takes their skills to the level which is the demand of present times and near future. Coaching executives is not an easy task because in most cases the executives often fail to show up for the coaching due to being busy on some other business affairs.

When companies have arranged for the coaching to be conducted, the time is scheduled which suits everyone, but still the attendance can fall short. However, to fight this issue, many coaches have arranged to deliver the coaching to the executives separately because the unavailability of one would not affect the others. This can take a bit longer than it would have been if a group was assembled under a single roof. But as executives also have to attend their business tasks on a daily routine, the coaching in groups can sometimes be a very bad choice.

The coaching is not only targeted to meet company needs for the moment, but every executive is assessed by the coach and then as per the skills he possesses, the course is defined. Some people say that it is better to coach an individual than a group because it provides the individual to be more open to the coach and he would gain more in the shortest possible time. In fact it all depends upon the budget of the company because executive coaching is not cheap. If the company is short in budget but still needs to hire the services of an executive coach, the best method is to arrange a group coaching because it will save time and money.

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