how do I create a journey of discovery from the perspective of my customers?

The cartographically recorded journey of discovery, also called “Customer Journey Mapping”, involves the development of typical customer groups or “Personas”, which can be imaginatively accompanied by all phases of the customer relationship. To live through these ups and downs from the customer’s point of view makes your company a real consumer, which is thereby more sustainably profitable and generates more growth. The experiences and emotions of the customer to provide the company with important key moments in comparison with existing processes. Such a visualization helps to inspire customers in an innovative way with a consistent brand experience. Even if the Vision and necessary resources are more than available, the customer-centric idea must be anchored in the workforce and thus become a second nature throughout the company.

The customer perspective is the objective when documenting all phases of the customer relationship and The Associated experience points or “Touchpoints”. Identifying critical moments, i.e. the so-called “Moments of Truth”, provides greater insights and a more profound communication between customers and companies. If the customer journey can be measured and displayed graphically on one page, so that the employees are also aware of all points of contact, emotions and relevant communication, this foundation is your most powerful weapon. The various experience points to define the quality of the customer relationship and the customers ‘ feedback and a better overall image.

how do I advance a positive customer experience?

The customer experience is an elementary driver of quality, which must not be neglected, but considered as an independent product and therefore consistently managed. To always be one step ahead and to meet the expectations of customers in the best possible way, remains an important part of a holistic quality management that starts and strategically integrates when measuring customer satisfaction. To stand out from the crowd in the long term and to increase sales and profits, is based on the customer’s willingness to make recommendations. The aim is therefore to identify the drivers.

Every company strives for targeted and effective customer service. Service quality begins with teamwork and good communication. The individual can very well leave a lasting (and preferably positive) impression on the customer, but it usually requires more than one Person to provide an excellent Service. A tension relationship arises whenever the expectations or wishes of the customer are not fulfilled or he simply does not feel understood. Certain points of friction are almost inevitable – the decisive factor is how you react as a professional company. For the customer, a good customer experience means to be seen, heard and appreciated. The resulting impact is not only physically noticeable, but also financially measurable.

how do I create the bridge between man and technology?

The customer experience could not be more decisive for the purchase decision (in almost all industries) – followed by price and (product)quality. A positive customer experience is based on competence and comfort, simplicity, and speed – “superior technology” afterwards. However, technology must not be left behind, because it serves to improve service. You must do everything to delight the customer on his journey and ensure more loyalty, higher sales and a greater willingness on the part of the customers, valuable information. The Moment something goes wrong, the customer wants to talk to a Person. Not only a positive customer experience, but also a good experience for the employees brings with them more solid and innovative ideas that will drive my company forward in the future.

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