For JMC, consultancy means getting results for your company where and when you need them most.

That’s our broad definition of consultancy.

Outcomes matter. Methods matter only if they work. Excuses don’t matter to anyone.

All that matters to JMC is helping you make good on your ambitions, as well as bringing to an end the troubles you are facing – whether in sales, service, operations, leadership or strategy.

Right now our teams are supporting companies getting to grips with new Covid challenges. We are bringing in our key experience in helping virtual teams to work together – as well as training up team leaders to take the initiative in a workplace that’s suddenly changed beyond all recognition.

How does JMC Consultancy fit in with Coaching and Training?

In the broad sense, great consultancy might involve any area of your company. It might use any combination of strategy, coaching and training. It might mean giving advice only, or getting fully involved.

In the narrower sense:

  • Consultancy means solving the problems of your company in terms of strategy, process and structure.
  • Coaching means helping your people to solve their own problems.
  • Training means solving the problems of your company by helping people to work together.

To crack your particular problem, consultancy might mean …

… Our team acting as a sounding board for new ideas (and an expert pair of hands to deal with conflict) as your Board hammer out their aspirations together.

… Looking at your customer service processes and discovering powerful ways to realign them.

… Leading your teams in a venture that is completely new to them; a new market, with new rules and new mindsets.

Consultancy means getting to grips with a performance headache, getting down to the particulars and crunching out a solution.

Human solutions for all types of challenge

A big advantage of working with a smaller consultancy like JMC is that we never take our eye off the human benefits which our performance strategies are designed to achieve:

  • Clarity, perspective and orientation.
  • Confidence and mental strength.
  • Feeling of being in control.
  • Achievement (of one’s goals).
  • Order and structure.
  • A sense of relief and peace of mind.

These are benefits for you, your team and your company.

Personally, JMC coaching aims to develop your confidence:

  • In front of others, when presenting or speaking.
  • Within teams.
  • When reporting to your superior.
  • When leading and motivating your direct reports or your project colleagues.

On a personal level, we encourage our clients’ creativity to find unique solutions to critical challenges in personal and professional life.

On an organisational level, JMC supports performance according to goals, KPI and strategies.

Inertia is inevitable. Staying in it is not.

JMC Founder Jens Moeller

How companies and people get stuck …

You have a vision for the future … but, right now, nothing is happening. Nothing feels right, and you want short cuts.


What now?

  • In your organisation you know that things need to change.

    Projects never “get done properly” anymore. Words like

    Agile, Scrum, Prince2 and Lean get thrown around, but

    nothing seems to get better. What now?

  • Employees won’t buy into new technologies, even though

    your competitors have done so already – and will use them

    to threaten your very company’s market position next

    year. What now?

  • Important customers are abandoning ship because

    something has changed for the worse. But you can’t put

    your finger on exactly what it is that is different.

    Repeatedly, customer feedback and employee surveys

    show that action is required. What now?

What you need is to take one step at a time:

Orientate – get some perspective.
Evaluate – get a plan.
Dictate – get results; get on top of your performance.

We drill down to the particulars of performance.

JMC Founder Jens Moeller

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