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Coaching is how JMC shores up our clients’ return on their investment (ROI). In our mix of services, coaching is the power factor that can solidify positive change in companies and maximise ROI:


Analysis allows JMC to offer strategy …


Training allows JMC to achieve education and buy-in amongst key staff to implement this strategy


Executive Coaching can bed strategy and training together on an ongoing basis.


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Flexible, scaleable coaching

JMC have been involved in numerous coaching engagements over 23 years. We have discovered that the great advantage of being a small consultancy is that our coaching skills are extremely versatile.


So, we offer both targeted executive coaching to tackle personal issues or generic challenges of productivity and morale; as well as coaching as part of a much wider strategic background, in which the coaching is informed by key corporate initiatives.


Coaching is, above all, flexible. Sometimes, rather than an integrated approach, we coach staff on personal challenges – or even coach an entire department on, for example, the way they present themselves to the rest of the organisation.


Invest in staff to invest in themselves

Coaching is certainly about teaching people to coach themselves in future. This means that the client’s investment in JMC’s work continues to be paid off. Coachees are trained to support their own professional development through regular self-assessment. This means, in turn, that staff deliver positive service to their company at an accelerating rate.

Tackle teamwork where it counts

Coaching is, of course, too the best way to tackle ‘soft issues’ of teamwork and morale. If you can get one-to-one on individuals in a problem area and talk out their concerns – as well as nudge them towards personal insight and team buy-in – then group performance inevitably coheres. Experience is what counts here and, with over a hundred significant client engagements in all, JMC has plenty …


Check out our case studies on our client results page to see the scope and variety of our coaching impact.


And read a short interview with JMC founder Jens Moeller to get under the skin of coaching further …

In the coaching sessions, JMC provided motivating feedback to our employees regarding their conversations with customers and prospects.

CEO, VR-Service-Direkt eG

Mr. Möller has been assisting our management team successfully with targeted individual coachings. Mr Möller supports various executives at different levels: managers of our subsidiaries, board members as well as branch managers, recruitment managers and project managers.

CEO, Wackler Holding SE

In the combined team coaching and individual coaching process, the set goals have already been more than achieved … Due to the extraordinary success of these measures, Herr Möller now supports other managers in our companies very successfully in coping with their increasing challenges.

Manager, persona service AG & Co.

Ten things you didn’t know about coaching
with JMC Founder and Lead Coach, Jens Moeller

There’s not much that Jens does not know about coaching – and he’s always happy to learn more! Below Jens gets to the bottom of what makes JMC coaching stand out, as well as spill a few tricks of the trade …


1. What is the best benefit that coaching offers?
‘For any company, coaching is proven to be the best way to boost performance over the long-term. For individuals, the best benefit must be that it’s all about you. We offer a number of methodologies – and it is your decision which mix we proceed with. Doing it your way works over the long-term and a new clarity, either way, is the benefit. And who doesn’t need some new clarity from time to time?’


2. How does JMC coaching stand out?

‘Chemistry is important. In my experience, it is really important that coachees can relax. Really explore themselves, see where their issues are – and commit to a plan. JMC coaching also puts a high premium on support and encouragement; holding a powerful, energised space.’


3. How does JMC structure a coaching engagement?

‘Often a client will choose to mix coaching in with other training, such as workshops and seminars. In terms of what we engage with, the material is therefore often influenced by strategic company objectives (to bed in a new way of doing things, or deal with a new situation). Usually, it is easy to align individual and team goals – and very important to do so.’

4. How would you start a coaching engagement?

‘Carrying on the theme of ‘doing it your way’, we will sit down and establish exactly what you want to get out of coaching.’


5. How do you guarantee good ROI for your coaching clients?

A study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2009 on behalf of the International Coach Federation found that, of the companies that had calculated ROI from hiring a coach, ‘the median company return is 700% indicating that typically a company can expect a return of 7 times the initial investment.’ (source: page ix, ICF Global Coaching Client Study, Executive Summary, April 2009, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers).


‘Some companies in that study reported an ROI of 50 times their investment! To keep our feet on the ground, here at JMC, we have developed a structured approach to ROI that maximises cost accountability. JMC coachees are invited to agree to clear objectives at the beginning of coaching. Together, we employ whatever tools are appropriate to agree and achieve those objectives. A great example of one such tool is TTI Success Insights, which provides hard data feedback as a basis for us to move forward.’

6. If you had only a single question to ask a coachee, what would it be?
‘Do you know what drives your performance? If not – let’s find out!’


7. What do you enjoy most about coaching?
‘Seeing people’s work pay off when they really go into what’s driving them – and they take the brave step to say: YES to improving performance. Success follows predictably!’


8. Do you coach coaches to coach coaches, Jens?
‘I see what you mean – yes, I do. Training others to coach themselves is key to clients getting ROI over the long-term, because it means coaches know how to check in with themselves and constantly improve. The ability for coaches to then train others is, of course, the natural extension of this empowerment process; the empowerment chain, if you like.’


9. What 3 words do coachees most use to describe JMC coaching sessions?
‘I haven’t been keeping count. But … friendly. Challenging. Drilling down? Or is that two words?!’


10. What is the most difficult thing about coaching?

‘O, that’s easy. When a coachee’s potential is trying to emerge, and the coachee needs strong encouragement to embrace their own strengths!’

Remote Coaching


Remote coaching and consultancy via the web is just as powerful as working in person. That’s always been our experience. That’s why, if you have your sights set on us working remotely with you, we pledge to get back to you within 24hrs to get a programme up and running.


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