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What to do if employees have problems with changes? With the ever-increasing need for more productivity, many call centers are constantly changing: processes, structures, and especially technology. This often increases the employees' fears and sometimes anger. Some are wondering if...

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Achieving what I want-Part 3: What are my goals?

It is important that these goals are derived directly from your Vision. For example, if you say you want to see the world, you have painted an aircraft in your Vision and want to know other countries, other cultures: then...

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Achieving what I want-Part 2: What is my Vision?

You draw a line under the Situation and go over your Vision. There are people who say: visions are crazy. There's even a well-known politician who said that. But we are now pushing this aside, but we are seeing it...

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Achieving what I want-Part 1: What is my Situation?

Why do I want to do something? There is usually a starting situation - we do not start at zero. In other words, you have already gone a way, you have already done certain things, or you have already done...

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Managing your time in a dynamic environment

Probably one of the greatest challenges that leaders face today is to manage their time. From the viewpoint of a leader of a team, a department, or it feels like a hamster in a wheel. The very moment you think...

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Leadership as a discipline of organisational performance

One of the key aspects of organizational performance is leadership. In this article, we will deal with basic questions of leadership such as: Why leadership at all? How does leadership play together with management? What are the ideals of leadership...

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Outsourcing of the Customer Dialogue part_1

Outsourcing of the Customer Dialogue Is it better to do call center activities in-house, or outsource? The first part of this new, three-part series looks at the Make or Buy question. Rising demands on call center activities, caused Make or...

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