You draw a line under the Situation and go over your Vision. There are people who say: visions are crazy. There’s even a well-known politician who said that. But we are now pushing this aside, but we are seeing it practically. For us, a Vision as a concept of work is a concrete idea of how your Situation should be. As a first step, we have looked at the current Situation. Now we go about how this Situation should be . This is a creative work, because figuratively the whole thing always works better. You can then put it in a Text later.

But now they take a new leaf and a pen and paint a picture of their Vision, that is, of how their Situation should be. For example, say you want to have cheerful employees who don’t quarrel and don’t hack around (for example, you can paint Smiley faces). Or you want to live in a place where the sun shines, you want to have it warm (sun symbol). But you also want to travel (picture of an aircraft). You want to get to know the world and other cultures. But you can also take very practical, handy things from the work area or from a project you are working on and represent here.

It is important to follow your emotions. Remember, what’s logical, what’s going on in your head, that makes you think, and that’s good. But the Whole thing needs a framework, you need an anchor and this anchor will make your emotions. What you see, hear and feel anchored in your subconscious mind, and is, so to speak, of your ship. Above is the control, at the very top is the captain’s cabin, so your head-which of course you need. But both elements need to work together and therefore they need to anchor (see – hear – feel) their emotions. One or the other will perhaps say why one does not smell and taste, these are also two senses? It can certainly be supplemented, but from my experience the three mentioned are first of all central.

If you can understand this concept, please take a sheet and a pen and you write down your visions now. When I ask you, ” how is your Situation supposed to be, what does it all mean to you?”then spontaneously write or paint everything that comes to mind.

My image to my Vision of how things should be :

paint something on a sheet of paper

Have you painted your visions? How did you do that? Did you feel that a certain burden falls from you? I have repeatedly observed in seminars and Coaching processes how people do this for the first time in their lives-and this is often the case! – suddenly a load falls off your shoulders. You know, I have a Plan now, that’s my rough idea, I have some kind of blur now.

You have a situation of desire here, with which we must, of course, continue to work and which must become much more concrete. But at this point, of course, you have to have this blur first, otherwise you will not come forward at all.

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