Why do I want to do something? There is usually a starting situation – we do not start at zero. In other words, you have already gone a way, you have already done certain things, or you have already done a project or different careers. Now you are at the point where you want to plan and look forward and get the whole thing under control.

What is important at this point is, first of all, to evaluate one’s own Situation, that is, to illuminate for the first time: what is actually my Situation, the actual Situation? Capturing them is very important. To do this, you must objectively determine what the starting situation is. For example: I have just completed a specific project, I have some learning effects from it, and I want to take them with me for the next project and make it even better. Or in the private sphere: if I want to start a specific Plan, I want to make a world trip, for example, and is now at the beginning or have some planning behind me – what is the starting situation?

Here it is not only a matter of factual connection, but above all of the emotions. This means: moving you do only through emotions. It must be clear to you that the figures, Data, Facts That You have in mind are the logic that stimulates you to think, which is of course important. This is the awareness of what you have in your mind. When you think about your Plan or your current Situation, there is also what you see, hear and feel. These emotions are very important because they sit in the subconscious-and the subconscious ultimately controls their long-term course. Of course, you need your RAM, your small hard drive in your head, to be short-term and tactically able to act and achieve the best results. However, you should pay attention to your emotions when assessing your current Situation.

Now use a handwritten note and pen to determine how you see your current Situation. Let this go through your head and put yourself in your Situation (because by reading you are just out there). Think about your situation and then see what’s going on in you about emotions. Close your eyes and ask yourself: what is my current Situation? Just wait and see, what goes through your head. – You open your eyes now and write down as soon as possible the things that have just gone through your head.

& nbsp;

The following things have gone through my mind to my current Situation:




Seeing, hearing, feeling – these are the three senses with emotions that are crucial to how everything is anchored in your subconscious. If I were to ask you: “How are you, how is your Situation?“ then you be sure to analyze yourself and notice what goes through your head.

What you hear, what you see is what you feel? For example, do you feel some pressure because certain tasks are not finished, or do you hear complaints from customers, supervisors? Do you hear your employees quarrel about team collaboration not working? What do you hear? What do you see? For example, do you see people walking in a room in your company? Nobody reacts to what you say, or that nobody is responding to questions from you? You see certain things that are important in this context? – Write it down!

Take a leaf and write down the following: if I think of my current Situation, then

I see ______________________________________________________________________________________

I hear ______________________________________________________________________________________

I feel ______________________________________________________________________________________


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