Month: March 2019

Leadership as a discipline of organisational performance

One of the key aspects of organizational performance is leadership. In this article, we will deal with basic questions of leadership such as: Why leadership at all? How does leadership play together with management? What are the ideals of leadership...

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Outsourcing of the Customer Dialogue part_1

Outsourcing of the Customer Dialogue Is it better to do call center activities in-house, or outsource? The first part of this new, three-part series looks at the Make or Buy question. Rising demands on call center activities, caused Make or...

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What to do when employees have problems with change

changes trigger of fear The ever-growing need for more productivity leads to constant change in many organizations. This affects processes, structures and, above all, technologies.This often leads to fears and sometimes even anger among employees. Some wonder if they can...

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Why more than 80% of CVs are for garbage

Do you know that? They are looking for candidates for an urgent position and finally have a number of CVS ahead of them. Now they invite a number of candidates and conduct Interviews. What you get to hear it all:...

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How to delegate effectively

Of course, you can't do everything you get on your desk yourself. To achieve its goals, delegate tasks to others. However, this is not always easy in practice. If you ask employees to whom tasks have been assigned, you often...

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