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    Organisational Performance and Personal Performance Management Consulting & Coaching

    Jens Moeller Consulting (JMC) collaborates with its clients to enhance their organisational and personal performance.

    JMC are outcome focused, supporting people and organisations to identify their goals and increase their performance to achieve them.

    With more than 16 years of experience in a large variety of performance aspects, founder Jens Moeller, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) MIC = Member of the Institute of Consulting UK, DIPL-KFM, can provide an integrated view: Exploring the goals worth achieving, measuring progress, working on the pathway to achieve your goals, deducing required activities and making them happen. If you “have been down there”, you simply know the impact your actions and decisions “from the top” can have – and you can use that knowledge for the best results.

    No matter whether the goal is to sell more, to reduce churn, to improve teamwork or to achieve your personal goals more effectively: Before organisations or individuals can change, first of all behavior needs to change. This is the key to achievement. And this is what we are dedicated to – be it as your sparring partner, coach, consultant, workshop moderator, facilitator or management trainer.

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    Explore now how you can develop goals worth achieving and making them happen more effectively.

  • FAQ

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      How can you improve organisational performance?

    • A

      There are many aspects on how to improve organisational performance. According to Leibenstein an organisation with increasing size and complexity will show increasing so-called “X-inefficiencies”...

    • Q

      How can you improve individual performance?

    • A

      Individual performance is often influenced by its organisation context as well. Having said that, an individual can indeed managed his or her own performance by himself or herself. Some key areas are...

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